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Occupational War (OW)
Occupational War is a massive battle in which all users are devided in two factions - Axis and Alliance. The goal of OW is to occupy more maps than the opponent faction by defending friendly faction's map and occupying the opponent faction's map.
Before partipating OW
OW is open on fixed time of the day.
Weekdays : 21:00~22:00 every evening.
Weekends : 20:00~21:00 every evening.
You can participate OW at this time only.

There are required player level for each OW map.
There are 3 maps in OW - North Africa, Europe, Pacific. Each maps have different level requirements.
You can check out the level requirement for each map on the top of the OW map screen.
Participating OW
You can participate in OW by clicking OW menu next to the mission selection screen.
OW maps and rules
When you enter OW, you can see the OW map and your current location on it (shown as plane). Click on the desired node and your plane will start moving toward it. Once you arrive on the selected node you can participate in the battle.
No battle - No battle going on at this node for the moment.
Preparing Battle - Either the enemies or allies are preparing to start a battle at this node. You can participate in the battle only when a node is in this stage, so hurry up and get there before preparation time runs out!
Battle Started - Battle has already begun at this node. No additional participation is allowed.
Battle End - Battle has ended and the flag of winning faction will be shown at this node. The flag disappears after certain period of time, and while the flag is shown a new battle cannot be started at this node.

In order to invade the opponent faction's node you need to fulfill followings.
1. You can only attack the opponent faction's node that is right next to the node of your faction.
2. If the node of your faction was attacked by enemies, before it ends you cannot attack the opponent faction's node.

3. You must meet the level requirement for starting the battle. If you don't fulfill it then you can only participate in battles that other user is already preparing.
4. There's limit to the number of battles that can be open at the same time. You cannot start additional battles that exceeds this number.

5. There's limit to the number of nodes that a faction can conquer each day. You cannot attempt more attack for the day once this number is fullfilled. You can check these two information on the bottom right of the OW map screen.!:)

6. Starting from 10 minutes before the OW ends, you cannot start a new attack.
OW entry
Up to 15 per faction can partipate in each battle. (ex: 15:15)
At some nodes that are Axis-friendly or Allies-friendly, certain factions can participate more then the opponent faction.
You can find out which node is Axis- or Allies-friendly by checking color of each node icon edge.

The number of participating users between both faction cannot differ more than 3.
For example, if 3 Axis players participate then no more than 6 Allies players can participate in the battle of that node.
And in this case, if one more Axis player participates, then one more player can participate in the battle. ex) 3:6 , 4:7
Rules and battle of OW
If you enter the battle, at first you'll be given a short preparation time.
During this time you can fly in a map but cannot attack the enemy yet, waiting for all the users that chose to participate in the battle to enter the map.

If the max participation cap is full or the preparation time is up, the battle starts.

There are 5 type of rules for the OW battle. Each node have their own rule.
You can check the type of rule for each node on the OW map screen.
Air Superiority
This OW map is based on air battle only.
A bar is shown on the top of the screen. If you or your allies kill the enemies then the gauge moves toward your faction.
If the gauge moves completely toward a faction, that faction wins the battle.
If time runs out, the faction who won more gauge then the other wins the battle.
Enemy Base Attack
On the map the defending faction's facilities are located on the ground.
The attacking faction must destroy this facilities while the defending faction must stop it.
If the facilities are destroyed then the attacking faction wins, and if the facilities remains unharmed until the time runs out then the defending faction wins.
Beidseitige Bombardierung
게Beide Fraktionen müssen ihre Anlagen verteidigen, während sie gleichzeitig versuchen, die feindliche zu zerstören.
Die Fraktion, die es schafft, die feindliche Anlage innerhalb der vorgegebenen Zeit zu zerstören, gewinnt. Ist keine der beiden Anlagen nach Ablauf der Zeit zerstört, gewinnt die Fraktion, deren Gebiet angegriffen wurde.
Bilateral Base Attack
Both factions have to defend their facilities while they try to destroy the enemy's facilities.
The group which manages to destroy the enemy's facilities within the given time wins.
If none of the plants destroyed after expiry of the time, the group whose territory was attacked wins.
Flag Superiority
One of the participant on defenders side start the battle possessing 'Diplomacy Document'. If an opponent player kills this participant, then he/she takes the document instead.
The faction of the player who possesses the document when the time runs out wins the battle.
Flag Bombing
Regardless of the node battle rule, if a player is killed 6 times in a battle, then that player is automatically kicked out from the battle.
If users from one factions are all kicked out, the opponent faction wins the battle.
Exit-by-will penalty
If a player press ESC and exits the battle by his/her will, that player cannot participate in other OW battles for 5 minutes.
(In case you're auto-kicked from the OW map by being killed 6 times you do not receive this penalty, and can immediately participate in another OW battle.
OW commander
When OW starts, one player from each faction is chosen as a commander.
Commander is chosen among the players who has volunteered by pressing 'Commander Volunteer' button that pops up when you enter OW. Following users have priority.
-Player with highest level.
-Player who participated the OW most
-Player with highest kill count
In case the factors above are the same among more than two users, the commander is chosen randomly among them.

Commander have following authority during the OW.
1. Can replace and rearrange the party members of his/her faction.
2. Can use faction-chat and party-chat.
3. Can see the location of enemy players and facilities in the map.

The commander can either choose to be a 'Combat Commander' or 'Leading Commander'.
Combat Commander can do both battle and commanding,
while Leading Commander can give commands only and does not participate in battles.

A commander can choose to be a Leading Commander only when all participants from the same faction enters the battle, and in this case one additional player from the same faction can participate in the battle.
OW rewards
After the OW time ends, based on the result of OW all players in the faction receives the advantage.
This advantage lasts until the start of OW time the next day.

1. Item price discount : If a faction wins more nodes than the other, that faction gets discount from the item shop. On the other hand, the other faction needs to pay extra Ghem when buying items from item shop.

2. Conquering special facilities : There are some special facilities in OW, and the faction which has won it receives bonus throughout the whole game play such as missions, raids and VS modes.
The list of special facilities can be found below.
Weapon factory : The faction who won it gets ATK bonus throughout the game.
Supply Base : The faction who won it gets DEF bonus throughout the game.
Training Camp : The faction who won it gets EXP bonus when clearing a mission, raid or VS mode.
Arsenal : The faction who won it gets GHEM bonus when clearing a mission, raid or VS mode.
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