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You can register other players on your friends list by right clicking on the other player at town, or pressing [Add Friend] button or the [messenger] menu.

You can also add players at opponent faction to your friend list. And if a player receives a friend request during mission, he/she can accept the friend request after finishing it.
A fleet can be created once you are higher than level 10 and have the necessary Ghem for it.
The creator of the fleet will automatically become the fleet leader (also called Fleet Captain).

You can join fleet in the fleet control center.
The fleet captain or the vice fleet captain can kick out fleet members, and a fleet member can leave the fleet by oneself.

Fleet Point

Fleet points are given when 3 or more pilots of a fleet participates in a PvP or [Attack & Defense] game as a team and win.

If two or more fleet member participates on a mission together, they can also receives fleet points.
The fleet point you get varies depending on the mission maps you play.

If at least 3 players from the same fleet are still alive at the end of an OW-round , extra fleet points will be rewarded.

Fleet level
When a fleet earns sufficient amount of fleet point, the fleet level goes up, and it will be informed to all fleet members via message popup. With each level up of the fleet, the maximum number of fleet will also increase.
The Academy System
Once you reach level 42, you can open your own academy.
Under [Academy] tab of [character] menu, input players' name that you want to invite to your academy.
An instructor can have up to 2 trainees, and receives part of the trainee's Energy consumption and Ghem gain.
The trainee can stay from level 1 to 19 in an academy, and receives part of the trainers EXP as bonus.
When a trainee reaches level 20, they shall automatically be removed from the Academy.
Both trainers and trainees can resign from the academy at any time.
The Formation System
2 ~ 4 players may form a formation.
You can invite players to your formation by right-clicking the player.

When you complete missions in a formation, each kill count for quests will be shared with other player of the formation which allows a more comfortable leveling-up.
Additional rewards will be given to all formation users in the end of the mission.
When the formation leader opens a mission or PvP room or applies for existing room, the other formation members are automatically invited into the room.
The chat system
/ p [text] = Formation chat (only possible if you are a member of a formation)
/ g [text] = Fleet chat (only possible if you are a member of a Fleet)
/pi [name] = invite a specific user to the formation (only possible if you are already in formation)
/ po expel a specific user from the formation (only possible if you already belong to a formation)
/ pg [Name] transfer the formation leader to certain user. (only available if you are formation leader)
/go [Room number] = can directly join the room (when the room is already open).
/ w [name] = whisper a message to someone
/ all [text] = [megaphone] item is required for this, to write a message to both factions.
/ br [text] = [Private microphone] item is needed for this, to write a message to your own factions.
normal Chat white Public chat, visible to all players.
Help Text red Control guide shown in the beginning of the game.
reward message yellow Alarm message shown when other users gets a certain items in game.
Fleet Chat green Chat shown only to fleet members
Public Chat purple Universal chat shown to all players of both factions
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