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   The Base
- The Operation Base
At the Operation Base you can learn Specialty system or receive quests from the commander, and also receive quests from the officer.
- the Bar
In the bar you can talk to the bartender, the singer and the retired officer.
When you complete the quests from the retired officer, you can get skill points!
- Fleet Control
At the Fleet control center, you can register a new fleet, or join existing ones.
You can also get information about other fleets, and if you are a member of a fleet, you can enjoy all the benefits of fleet-related contents here.
- The Gear Lab
Through the Strengthening system, you can improve performance of your items.
Put the item that you want to strengthen in the top [Item] slot in the [Strengthening] tab, and the blueprint that you're going to use in bottom [Blueprint] slot. Then press [Execute].
When you press the [Execute] button, a window appears with details for strengthening.
The upgrade progress bar appears.
The result of the strengthening attept is shown.

Strengthening from stage 1 to 4 has 100% success rate, and from the fifth Stage there is a chance that the strengthening fails. On failure, the item will be destroyed, so be careful!
From the 6th stage of strengthening, on top of the gear's basic performance improvement, additional options specializing each gear's specialty will be added.
By using Gear Protect items from the premium shop, you can avoid the item being destroyed when strengthening fails.
The Upgrade system allows you to improve certain aspects of your items.
Proceed to [Gear Lab] -> [Upgrade] tab. Here you can put the item you want to upgrade in the top slot, and the upgrade blueprint in the lower slot. Then press [Execute].
The upgrade information window appears
The upgrade progress bar is visible.
The upgrade result is displayed .
Standard, Firepower and Range modifications have only a small possibility of failure. And the higher the quality of upgrade is, the higher the possibility of failure. Please keep in mind that when the upgrade fails your item will be destroyed.
The use of Gear Protect ++ premium items from the shop prevents the loss of the item when the upgrade fails.
Produce Equipment
With a production blueprint and the materials needed, you can produce equipment items.
Place the desired production blueprint in the production slot and press [Execute].
With production bluprint item and material items, you can create your own gear items.
Here you can trade your items with blueprints for fighters, bombers, and gunners, as well as needed material items.
You need Trade Ticket in order to trade your items that you want.
Trade Ticket can be purchased in the item shop with Ghem.
- Hanger
1. Here the status of ​​of the currently used aircraft are displayed.
2. Here your inventory is displayed. Please note that you have four different tabs: equipment, materials, skills and functional items
3. Here you can equip/unequip various items, skills and decals to your plane.
- Warehouse
This is the place where you store your item.
Item stored in warehouse can not be used directly. You need to move these item to your inventory before you can use it again.
- the Factory
In the factory you can produce, upgrade and change your aircrafts.
- The Black Market
You can purchase items with random options.
The values ​​of the items will be visible to the player after the purchase.
- My Shop
Registration and sale
you can open your own shop and offer your items for sale to other players
After you enter the name for your own shop, press [OK] to open it to other users.
Drag the items you wish to sell. Drop it in the lower slot and enter the price that you wish to sell the item for.
If you click the Hide button (left of the [Close x] button) you can move around and chat with other players while you have your store open.
- Chatroom
You can open a chat room if you click [Chat Room]
When you open the chat room, other player can see the name of the chat room and can join the chat.

If you right-click on another player in the chat room , you can trade items with them.
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