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   the Skills
1. Right click on the skill that you want to level up, then a window will pop up in which you can invest skill points for relevant skills.

2 Press [OK] after you have invested skill points to confirm your decision.
You need to invest 5 skill points in order to Lv up one skill.
Skill levels are divided into three stages, and when a skill reaches level 3 you can experience full effect of it.

You can earn skill points by clearing quests given by the officer NPC at the bar.
General Skills
Temporarily decrease your speed by 30%
     Fire Protection
If HP drops below 30%, this skill will slowly recover back to 30%.
Become invincible to collision damage for 5 seconds.
Marks whoever hit you with a skull for 3 seconds
Fighter Skills
     Barrel Roll
Grants 100% Evasion while barrel rolling.
Fly a Loop De Loop. User is invincible during the loop.
     Over Boost
Takes engine to the extreme to provide a momentary sustained burst of 150% speed.
Basic machine gun and heavy machine gun gain Pierce for 5 seconds. Firepower Fighters only.
     Immelmann Turn
Ascend, do a half loop, then a 180 twist.
Dive vertically and increase flight speed by 50% for 10 seconds.
Basic machine gun and heavy machine gun gain Flame for 5 seconds. Flame causes damage to target every second for 5 seconds. Firepower Fighters only.
     Hammer Head
Fly directly upwards and then make a sharp U-turn.
     Quick Turn
A faster turn is made by doing a 360 rolling maneuver.
Do a half roll and flip over, then fly in the opposite direction.
Give current weapon a snipe effect for 3 seconds. Target's rear machine gun is rendered useless. Firepower Fighters only.
    Conversion Turn
Increases mobility by 10% for 5 seconds.
     Cobra Maneuver
A maneuver where a plane flies directly upwards and then stops.
Launches all weapon at the same time for 3 sec. Firepower Fighters only.
Gunner Skills
Positions one in formation with squadron members within range.
Only weapons or boosts are applicable.
Support Gunners only.
While HP is below 30%, Defense increases 50%. Lasts until death.
Doubles the mobility of missiles launched within the 5 second timeframe following activation.
     Switch HP
After casting the caster cannot be damaged for 3sec, and 30% of what the damage would have been will be used for recovery up to 1000 HP.
Support Gunners only.
     Defense UO
Raises defenses of nearby allies by 50%.
     Repair Support
Recover 15% of nearby allies HP.
     Special Missile
Launch a booster neutralizing missile.
Target cannot user boosters for 3 seconds.
Support Gunners only.
Become invisible to enemy radar, targeting and homing for 5 seconds.
     Electro Interfere
Jams all enemy weapons for 2 seconds, while affected planes will not be able to shoot for 3 seconds.
20% of HP is returned after a 5 second delay. Recovery is canceled if hit during healing.
     Trap Release
Cleanse friendlies of negative effects.
Randomly selects a fallen squadron member to sortie again.
Only applicable in missions. Support Gunners only.
     Range Radar Jam
Nearby allies become invisible to enemy radar, targeting, and homing for 3 seconds.
     Range Elect Interfere
For 3 seconds, enemies within range cannot attack.
     Reset Skill Time
Reset skill cool down for surrounding friendly planes.
Doesn't apply to gunners (including you).
     Dive Bombing
Targets a ground enemy, dives, and delivers a direct bomb strike.
While the skill is active the plane becomes invurnerable. Dive Bombers only.
     Carpet Bomb
Empty your bomb bays automatically, 2x Bombing Speed for 3 seconds.
Heavy Bombers only.
     Precision Bombing
Aim is zoomed in when bomb is dropped.
     Saturation Bombing
Combines 5 bombs to drop a single heavy payload, Attach Power +5.
Heavy Bombers only.
     Support Attacts
Raise attach of nearby allies by 50%.
If HP drops below 30%, attack will increase 1.5 times. Effective until you die.
     Wide Bomb
Allows the release of two bombs at once for 5 seconds.
Explosion range is doubled in size. Heavy Bombers only.
     Support Bombing
Get +50% more bombs and 2x reload speeds for 30 seconds. Applies to you and surrounding friendlies.
     Rapid Fire
No cooldown on rear weapons and rear gug fires a sustained burst for 10 seconds.
     Aerial Defense
Doubles high altitude defenses for 10 seconds
Heavy Bombers only.
     Ammo Support
No heat generation or ammo consumption. Applies to you and surrounding friendlies.
     Focus Rear Attack
Increases aerial mine and rear machine gun attack speed by 30% for 5 seconds.
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