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   The combat system
In [Heroes in the Sky] experience the game story which you can fly in the missions.
ACT 1 is divided into 4 areas: Europe 1, Europe 2, Mediterranean and Pacific1. When you have completed all the missions successfully, you can proceed to the next act. Even if you complete all the missions on the Rookie difficulty, you can proceed to the next act.
With [Make a Room] button, you can choose a mission to fly in.
With [Quick Start button], you can enter rooms that are already made and fly in missions with other players!
Before you can fly in a mission, you must enter a mission room.

1. Mission Name

2. Mission Briefing

3. Missions can be played as one of 3 difficulty levels: Rookie> Veteran> Ace.

4. If you press the [Alt] key, you can access many features such as options / formation / My info ect.

5. Right clicking on the aircraft of another player will allow you to learn more details about this player.

6. Here you have access to your quest list, get quests or cancel.

7. The required minimum level for the mission will be displayed here

8. You can repair all your items by clicking 'Repair' button.

9. If you press the [Start!] button, the mission starts.
- PvP (Player versus Player)
In PvP, players, regardless of their faction, can fly against each other.
You can break into ongoing Pvp-rooms, as long as that room is set as 'breaking-in enabled'.
In [survival] mode, however, it is not possible to break into in the last round. In [deathmatch] mode break in is also no longer possible when the remaining time is less than 1 minute or the remaining kill count is less than 5.
* Breaking in : means to participate in ongoing PvP battles.
1. IN PvP there are three different game modes: [Deathmatch] [survival] and [race]

In [deathmatch] the player or the team who scored the most kills within the specified time wins the game.
In [survival] the one who survive the longest wins. if you are shot down, you cannot return to the match.

2. As a team rule, you can select [Team Match], [Free for all] and [Random]. In [Random] The teams are determined randomly.

3. In [deathmatch] mode, you can set the kill count for the win.
In [survival] mode you can determine the number of rounds.

4. You can set time for each match.

5. The Level cap: Determines the level cap of the players who join and participate in PvP:
Up to level 30, 42, 49, 56, 68, 84, 102 and unlimited possible.
- battle
1. From the PvP area of the game rule [Battle].
2. Choose between the degrees of difficulty [Easy], [Light], [Medium], [Hard], [Nightmare]
3. The Level Cap: Determines the level cap of the players who join and participate in PvP: Up to level 30, 42, 49, 56, 68, 84, 102 and unlimited possible.
4. You can switch between the modes [Zeppelin hunting], [air support], [item-hunting], [Bomb Battle], select [Night-bombs] .

Air battles will take place in [Team Match] form. Players of both faction may also belong to a team together.
(1) [Zeppelin hunting]

Every time a Zeppelin is shot down, the team earns 1 point.
The team that scores 100, or the team who shot down more Zeppelin in given time wins.

(2) [air support]

Every time an enemy plane is shot down, the team earns 1 point.
The number of NPC pilots changes depending on the difficulty level, and the team which destroys all aircraft first or scores more kills in given time wins.

(3) Bomb Battle

A bombing battle.
Depending on the difficulty the HP of ground targets change.
The higher bomb damage you give, the more points your team scores.
The team that destroys all ground targets first, or the team who gave more bomb damage in given time wins.
(4) Night Bomb Battle

Same rules as for the [bomb battle], but the battle will take place in a night-Map, giving limited range of vision.

(5) [Item-hunting]

For each box that you get, your team gets a point.
The team, which gets 100 boxes first, or gets more boxes in given time wins.
- race
1. Select [race] as the rule of the game.

2. In case of [Team Match], you can choose for team [Red] or [Blue].
3. As a team rule, you can select [Team Match], [All vs All] and [Random]. In [Random] The teams are determined randomly.
4. The Level Cap: Determines the level cap of the players who join and participate in PvP: Up to level 30, 42, 49, 56, 68, 84, 102 and unlimited possible.
5. As rules, you can choose between three modes: - [Hardcore]: You can shoot down opponents during the race. - [Fight with biplane]: All players fly in a biplane. - [Normal]: You can not injure opponents .

Each race has a lap time of 3 minutes, and if you reach the goal within the 3 minutes, you'll get the victory reward.
But once the first pilot reachs the goal, all remaining pilots must reach the goal in 10 seconds as well, otherwise they will be disqualified from the race.

In case of [Team Match], victory is decided based on the score earned by each at the end of the match. In case there's a tie, the team with the player who reached the goal first wins.
- Raid
Raids are difficult missions, which consists of several phases.
Each raid has specific level cap, and when users enter the raid they use up their energy.

Up to 16 pilots can participate per raid.
After you complete a raid successfully, the reward bidding window pops up, in which the players can roll the dice for.

If you have an item that you want to bid by roll the dice, click the [dice] button.
The dice is rolled a random number from 0 to 100, and the player with the highest dice number wins the item

The items you won by rolling the dice from the raid reward bidding window are saved to the gift box. And you need to roll the dice within 100 seconds after the bidding window pops up, or you cannot bid for the rewards anymore.
- Occupational War
In the Occupational War, the heart of Heroes in the Sky, the Allied and Axis fights against each other in large air battles for supremacy in North Africa, Europe and the Pacific.
Once the Occupational War begins, you can start participating.

The occupational war takes place every day between 21:00~22:00 (1hr) in weekdays, and 20:00~22:00 (2hrs) in weekends.
Once you join the occupational war, the map opens.
You start from your main base, and can move around by clicking on different points on the map.

Enemy areas can be reached only when it is a 'battle enabled area' or 'battle area'.
You can not fly over enemy-occupied territories in order to reach the areas behind it.
Enemy territory next to the friendly territory may be attacked, and you can enroll for the battle by mouse clicking that area.

"In [dogfight] mode, you see the top of the screen a bar. Whenever you kill an enemy player, the bar moves slightly towards your group. When the bar fills up with the color of a faction, that faction wins. When the given time is up, the faction who won more part of the bar in the end of the match wins."

"[Unilateral bombing] The group, whose territory is attacked must defend their facility, and the attacking faction must destroy the facility of defending faction. If the plant is destroyed within given time, the attacking faction win. If the facility survives until the time is up, the defending faction wins. "
"[Bilateral bombing] Both camps have to defend their assets while they try to destroy the enemy. The Group, which manages to destroy the enemy's system within the given time wins. If none of the facilities are destroyed by the time expires, the faction whose territory was attacked wins."

"[Flag air combat]  A player of the defending camp has the ""diplomatic document"" when the battle starts.  If an enemy player kills the document holding player, the enemy player claims the document.  The group, which owns the document when the time is up wins."

"[Bomb Battle Flag] See unilateral bombing. The attacking faction must destroy the target building of the defensive faction to win. If the target building is destroyed, the attacking faction claims the diplomatic document. From then on, the same rules apply as in the flag-air combat. The group, which owns the document when the time is up wins. If the building of defensive faction is not destroyed when the time expires, the defenders win. "
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