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Game Features
Become a hero of the skies!

Who has not ever wanted to be able to fly freely in the air. This dream was realized by using the potential and vision of the Air Force, and spawned the legendary aircraft. Unlike previous flight simulation games which have very complex, difficult control system, Heroes In the Sky provides easy control, which allows the player to immediately take off to the sky. Your heroic legend in HIS sky begins NOW!
Prove yourself as a pilot in fierce air battles of the 2nd World War!

The game features missions based on historical events, realistic scenes and thrilling action! Become a Fighter, which specializes in air battles, or a Bomber, which can give devastating damage to buildings and enemy base, or a Gunner which can watch enemy movements from afar - the choice is up to you, the HIS heaven awaits you, Ace Pilot!
Allies against Axis powers: Exciting conquest battles await you!

The endless explosion and bullets filled the sky. Both sides in the occupational war tries to bring strategic points under their control to secure their advance. The world is your stage - Take part in the spectacular aerial battles for supremacy and write the story of the 2nd World War II anew!
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