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HIS DownLoad
Full-version Client Download. In case the download does not start automatically upon clicking the 'Game Start' button, please download from here manually.
System Requirement
Unterschiede System Requirement (Minimum) System Requirement (Recommended)
CPU Intel Pentium4 2.4 AMD 2500+ Intel Pentium4 3.0 AMD 3200+
RAM Mehr als 512MB Mehr als 1.0GB
Graphic Card Geforce FX5600 ATI Radeon 9600 Geforce 6600GT ATI Radeon x700
Remaining hard drive volume Free hard drive volume more than 700MB Free hard drive volume more than 700MB
We recommend installing up-to-date graphic card driver in order to play HIS in best condition. Please install the latest graphic card driver that suits the OS you're using.
DirectX v9.0c(Mind.) DirectX v9.0c(Gesamt)
In case of unsolvable technical problem occurs, please contact Customer Service.
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