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Announcement about maintenance 5.4
Name : hisgm     Date : 17-05-02 04:33
Hits : 9,318  

Good to see you, Pilots

We inform that there is no maintenance on 4 May

Next maintenance will be processed on 11 May

Thank you.

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 boobteg4642  17-05-05 10:50
What do you ever fix? Your server is so weak that it causes serious lag in OW. And since that was the last fun thing to do, I call zzzzz. It\"s not even a 3D game. My
 graphics card plays this game in 2d base clock mode because the graphics suck so
 bad. I\"ve been playing this game for 6 years. I know why gamescampus dropped you, even though they themselves committed theft buy selling permanent items that weren\"t even real. It\"s grown worse and worse until we reached the point of no support. The korean\"s love to advertise \"free to play,\" its anything but free.  But since you cut off American dollars (stupid move) there is no way to buy HIS cash anyways. Your weekly events are garbage and amount to nothing. Then every time you release a new set of gear, everyone has to upgrade it to be \"cool\" which can cost hundreds of dollars a set, if your able to pay for HIS$$ at all. Honestly, I don\"t know how this game is still alive. You should seriously consider shutting it down before you face a serious lawsuit for theft.
 izod  17-06-01 01:13
It\\\"s that GM, boobteg. No, seriously.....
He has a God-complex. He doesn\\\"t give anything you ask for. If you beg for a PUK
drop event, he will drop flower-boxes, that you will need keys to open. lol
If you beg for gear-lab to be fixed, he will lower the success rate on making
strength 12\\\"s.
It took me 73 LBTS to win a UFO gunner F type, in Japan side. That was weird.
I just kept going to see how many LBTS is it going to take for it to drop. And it
took 73 LBTS. After about 16, i wanted to cut the game off, And play War Thunder or PS4.
 izod  17-06-07 11:53
I have totally loss all respect for all German/Denmark/Koreans and Switzerland people. Koreans are not the only people that created this game, you know that right??
There is an incredible amount of German war and history in this game. Koreans are not
 the only developers for this game.
Everyday GM is in OW and in the game, and dumb players don\"t know who he is. He is
the biggest liar in this game. And he knows it. He copy countless premium planes and items, and teach some Axis players how to copy also. And he NEVER gets banned.
CONFIRMED and Schorle are developers in this game. And CONFIRMED lie everyday he\"s NOT. He is either the GM of HIS or he is the BIGGEST LOWLIFE in this game.
How can you copy radars, Infantry guns and Generators and not get banned??? How can you copy premium planes and give to your fleet and not get banned??
He have 300 planes, and new players cannot have 5 planes. Because LBTS will not drop in-game. And Gear lab success rate in so low.

Num Category Subject Name Date Hits
1068 English
Broken game
boobteg4642 07-11 4007
1067 Deutsch
스벤 크라머연아...
yrjbjws 06-14 5772
1066 Deutsch
상남자 축실시간검색어선수 .gif
dVVbiDeU 06-10 6233
1065 Deutsch
프로미스9은 시한부 그룹 아평창올림픽 일정…
dVVbiDeU 06-10 5932
1064 Deutsch
월요일 걸게 걸하~~김영ö백수 걸게이 얼리버…
GZQhYnXfD 06-06 5917
1063 Deutsch
ㅎㅎㅎ 얘드라.... 로제도 보면 귀양진성단 말…
GZQhYnXfD 06-06 5742
1062 Deutsch
맥북프로 살건진학사 어플라이 맥북 쓰는게…
RroIoMho 05-31 5939
1061 Deutsch
30대에 노가내일날씨 용역이 직업인 새기가잇…
LfvejZNup 05-29 5947
1060 Deutsch
신박한리턴자동차 키
xhixkYNZ 05-25 6028
1059 Deutsch
애긔걸게이우병우너무 불안해요.....
KegiBBbdX 05-18 6723
1058 Deutsch
실시간 오달수 성폭행 폭평창올림픽 일정하…
kmHrkSFH 04-21 6279
1057 Deutsch
짱구엄마기상청 목도리
cHoMfhzSI 04-18 6633
1056 Deutsch
b1a4 진영이 만든 걸그룹 노래 중 최상급종합…
pTdPTyPTW 01-20 8312
1055 Deutsch
야 이거 몸또냐? 요즘 몸또는 페북티빙로 옴?
HCHtYkzr 12-17 8501
1054 English
2D games suck (3)
boobteg4642 05-05 9358
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